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LPX-1200 3D Laser Scanner

Automated 3D Scanning at the Touch of a Button

Roland 3D laser scanners and touch probe scanners are perfect for a wide variety of CAD and computer graphics applications, including capturing complex data for hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation and a host of biomedical applications. LPX DS Series 3D laser scanners can generate a detailed, high resolution 3D model with watertight surfaces. Bundled LPX EZ Studio reverse engineering software automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes and decimates 3D models. Optional Pixform Pro II reverse engineering software expands scan data uses by enabling users to quickly and intuitively convert scan data into fully editable 3D CAD models. The LiveTransfer™ feature enables users to transfer their completed files directly to popular software packages including SolidWorks, UGS NX or Pro/Engineer Wildfire.

Roland products also mean safety and convenience. The LPX DS series scanners are fully enclosed systems that can be added to any engineering or design lab or incorporated into educational curriculum without safety concerns. Roland Reverse Engineering Solution are perfect for a wide variety of CAD and computer graphics applications such as:

Rapid Prototyping - Capture organic shapes and blister packaging for designing new products and packaging, and as-built parts for quicker part design modification.

CGI - Scan toys and existing sculpted models for integration into computer animation software.

Artifact Geometry - Capture broken parts, molds, and castings and existing as-built parts for rapid prototyping and reproduction.

Medical/Dental - 3D scans provide precision data for dental and medical applications including prosthetics, bone replacement, customised bridges and crowns.

Jewellery - Scan freeform, organic objects and even unique textures and patterns for incorporation into innovative,one-of a kind jewellery designs.

Archiving - Scan original art pieces for archiving or scaled reproductions and as well as legacy parts.

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  • LPX-1200 3D Laser Scanner

    The LPX-1200 3D laser scanner and Pixform Pro model editing software provide a complete reverse modeling solution with superior scan quality and ease of use. This hardware/software combination is ideal for all popular CAD, CAM and animation applications. You can scan a mobile phone to design blister packaging and/or accessories, scan a hand-sculpted alien for feature animation or scan an ear canal mold for custom hearing aid manufacturing.

    Feature Summary

    • 0.1mm (0.0039") scanning resolution
    • Captures objects up to 130mm (5") in diameter and 203.2mm (8") high
    • Combines rotary and plane scanning modes for optimum performance including the ability to capture undercuts
    • Compatible with popular reverse modeling software and 3D CAD export formats
    • Supports robust polygon to NURB surface conversion
    • Powerful, new NURB surface editing tools allow sub-surface patch creation and editing
    • Attractive, compact design for office environment
    • Countless CAD/CAM Applications

      CAD/CAM ScanThe LPX-1200 scans objects up to 130mm (5") in diameter and 203.2mm (8") high enabling designers to scan complex, organic shapes in minutes. CAD/CAM applications include hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation, and face models for anaplastologists.

    • Superior Scans

      ScanningThe LPX-1200 uses an advanced non-contact laser sensor to quickly scan 3D objects with a 0.1mm (0.0039 inch) scanning resolution. The combination of precision optics and motion control with a rigid cast aluminum frame produces high quality scans with minimal surface noise.

    • Model Editing Software

      Pixfrom ProBundled with the LPX-1200, Pixform Pro reverse modeling software is compatible with all popular CAD/CAM programs. Pixform Pro can align, merge, fill holes, decimate, remesh, and translate polygon surfaces into NURB surfaces. It supports a wide array of data output formats including DXF, STL, WRL, 3DM and IGES. IGES is the NURBs file format used by popular CAD/CAM software such as SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, Mastercam, Delcam, FreeForm and Rhino.

      Pixform Pro is also loaded with powerful features that make it easier and more efficient to edit 3D models. It allows users to merge scans for increased quality, change the shape around curved surfaces, sharpen edges, extend shapes, add thickness and perform Boolean operations on polygon surfaces. Pixform Pro runs on Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and 2000.

    • Dual Scan Modes

      Dual ScanRotary and Plane Scanning Modes offer the versatility to scan an expansive array of objects. In rotary mode, the LPX-1200 quickly scans an entire object on its fully integrated rotating table. In plane scanning mode, it scans as many as six different planes to capture side cuts and cavities.

    • Non-Contact Advantage

      Scanned objects remain in pristine condition, thanks to the LPX-1200's non-contact laser scanning technology. Scanning restrictions are limited only to the technology itself. Glossy, clear and dark-colored objects will not scan effectively unless painted red, white or yellow in order to be "read" by the laser.

    • Easy to Use

      Easy to UseSimple to set up and use with a USB connection and one-button operation. Bundled Dr. PICZA3 operating software provides new point, line and curve scanning functions for automated surface lofting.

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    MODEL LPX-1200
    Table size Diameter 130 mm (5.1 in)
    Maximum scanning area Plane scanning: Width 130 mm (5 in.), height 203.2 mm (8 in.)
    Rotary scanning: Diameter 130 mm (5 in.), height 203.2 mm (8 in.)
    Scanning pitch Plane scanning: width direction 0.1 to 130 mm, height direction 0.1 to 203.2 mm
    Rotary scanning: circumference 0.18 to 3.6 degrees, height direction 0.1 to 203.2 mm
    Repeat accuracy ±0.05mm (This figure reflects standard scanning conditions established by Roland DG.)
    Maximum table load weight 5 kg (11 lbs.)
    Laser Wavelength: 645 to 660 nm
    Maximum output: less than 0.39 µW
    (maximum output of the laser light emitted inside housing is 0.1 mW)
    Sensor Noncontact laser sensor
    Scanning method Spot-beam triangulation
    Operating speed Table rotation speed: 9 rpm, head rotation speed: 4.48 rpm, maximum head movement speed: 7.58 mm/sec.
    Interface USB interface (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1)
    Power supply Dedicated AC adapter
    Input: AC 100 to 240 V ±10% 50/60 Hz 1.0A
    Output: DC 19 V, 2.1 A
    Power consumption Approx. 20W (including AC adapter)
    Dimensions 443 [W] x 396 [D] x 609 [H] mm (17-7/16 [W] x 15- 9/16 [D] x 24 [H] in.)
    Weight 35 kg (77.16 lbs.)
    Packed dimensions 620 [W] x 550 [D] x 810 [H] mm (24-1/2 [W] x 21- 5/8 [D] x 31-7/8 [H] in.)
    Packed weight 43 kg (94.8 lbs.)
    Environment Temperature: 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F) (25°C [77°F] or more recommended)
    Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
    Bundled software Pixform Pro and Dr. Picza 3
    Included items AC adapter, power cord, CD-ROM, clay, user's manual
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